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Royalty Free Hypnosis Background Music

When I started mixing my recordings for clients, I wanted them to be super-professional, and I had a hard time finding royalty free hypnosis background music that was what I needed.  And then when I started making audios for sale on my website, it was even more important to have not only quality hypnosis background
audios but a nice variety so that everything didn't sound the same.

What you want in a hypnosis background audio:  You don't want a beat, you want melody, but you want it slow--a tempo of about 60 beats per second.  Ideally, it's great when you can find hypnosis background music with alpha brainwave entrainment built in, so that you ensure the best quality of mental relaxation for your listener, and that's what I'm providing here. 

This is a collection of four 15-minute, loopable alpha brainwave entrainment hypnosis background audio files plus two non-brainwave entrainment tracks.  You're getting MP3s of these so that you don't have to convert them once you get them (.wav files are WAAAYYY too big to provide to people as downloads).  These are wonderful, relaxing backgrounds that I've built myself, so it won't be the same as anything else you find out on the web.  These are also wonderful as massage background music and music for Reiki sessions.

For just $37.97 you get (6) 15 minute, loop-able hypnosis background audio MP3s, plus (7) accent sound audio files, 3 minutes each of looping audio.  Simply use your audio editor (for a good free one, I recommend Audacity), to drop these audios behind your vocals for a professional finished product.  You can shorten or lengthen any of these files by looping them with Audacity or another good sound editor.  The brainwave entrainment is built into the Alpha files, so you will not lose that property of the music during your editing process.  These are royalty-free files.  You never need to pay another penny to use them.  However, you are not buying "resale rights" here, so you may not resell these as audio files only.  They are for mixing with your vocal track for recordings, or playing in the background during sessions.

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Here's what you get:

Alpha One Warm Ambient Hypnosis Background    Listen to the sample

Alpha Two Beautiful Relaxation Hypnosis Background 

Alpha Three Bright Uplifting Hypnosis Background  

Alpha Four Deep Melodic Restful Hypnosis Background 

"Chi" Energy Awakening Hypnosis Background (no brainwave entrainment track on this one) (4 minutes)

Gentle Meditation with strings and slow melodies

Click the players below to hear the samples

In addition, I'm giving you these files that also loop, and can be used to emphasize transitions in your script, or as signals to awaken (chimes are nice for that, along with your trance termination language), or to lead into your recording, etc.  Imagine, for instance, creating a guided imagery along the coastline, and using the whale-ocean sounds audio file in your background to add auditory realism to the mental imagery.  Or create a hypnotic sleeping pill audio and end it with 15 minutes of soft cricket noises!  Let your imagination and creativity guide you!

Here are the "spice it up" loop-able audio files that you get, included with this package:

Chimes (3 minutes of looping audio) 

Crickets (3 minutes of looping audios) 

Happy Birds (3 minutes of looping audio) 

Rain (3 minutes of looping audio) 

Running River (3 minutes of looping audio) 

Shorebirds Ocean (3 minutes of looping audio) 

Whales Ocean (3 minutes of looping audio)

I guarantee your satisfaction with these files.  Take a full 30 days to use them & be creative and if you aren't satisfied at any time within those 30 days, for any reason, just contact me and I'll be happy to refund your money!

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  Just $37.98 for all these creative titles to add polish & effectiveness to your creations!
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